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    Jelani Designs is a Kenyan owned company located in Nairobi that offers comprehensive interior design services in Kenya. We also provide access to products that compliment the design consulting.

    Jelani Designs derives its name from the swahili word ‘Jelani’ that means ‘powerful might’

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    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to offer a personalized service the target market desires and can afford in a way that is unique from concept to implementation. We aim to recognize the charm and unique character of each home or commercial space and develop it into a complimentary interior aesthetic.


    Our Vision is to consistently deliver world class finishes in our interior design concepts, execute and complete all projects in a timely manner while providing service excellence and personalized design according to clients’ requirements.


    • Passion for Creativity
    • Customer Focus
    • Seamless service Delivery
    • Staff Well being


    To be seen as the obvious interior designer of choice in Kenya.

    Our Principles

    Our design principles simply aim for world-class output. We aim to achieve a unified and harmonious product that stretches beyond the boundaries of interior design. We deliver results in achieving breathtaking concepts
  • Our Services

    Jelani Designs focuses on providing interior design consulting. The sales process begins with interior design consulting services, and then progresses on to offer specially selected components to complement the design theme.

    Services available through Jelani designs include:

    • Evaluation of Clients’ requirements
    • Analysing the space according to clients’ needs
    • Liaison with Architects, contractors, decorators and other specialists in order to provide and deliver a well executed design scheme.
    • Procurement of loose furniture and fittings.
    • Project management and co-ordination.
  • Products Gallery

    • Jungle
      The surfaces come to life, are full of new and amazing decorations. Nature and Animal World come into the house with effect from the aesthetic and tactile surprising.The decorations JUNGLE, customizable colors and applicable on different materials and even curved surfaces, are the mark of unique design unique and original.

    • Klondike
      KLONDIKE can be applied to a wide range of surfaces; thanks to its unique colours and shades, it may be used to create extremely on-trend living environments. The decorated surfaces capture the precious forged metal fragments incorporated in the paint, enhancing its gold, silver and oxidised effects.

    • Klondike Light
      KLONDIKE LIGHT can be applied to a wide range of surfaces; thanks to its unique colours and shades, it may be used to create extremely on-trend living environments. The decorated surfaces capture the precious forged metal fragments incorporated in the paint, enhancing its velvety gold and silver effects.

    • Meteore
      An extremely dense and versatile textured coating for interiors. It is ideal product for creating modern and contemporary effects, yet richly endowed with metallic and pearlescent shades. For people who love the essence of things!

    • Polistof
      Its main features are safety, durability and washability, and it has enabled the manufacturer to offer new ideas for decoration, bringing unmistakable elegance and style to interior environments. POLISTOF paints can be used on any type of surface, including wood, plaster, plasterboard, iron and light alloys, etc. after suitable preparation.

    • Rococo (Stucco)
      The ROCOCO RANGE includes a series of coatings with high strength, good colour stability over time and a high level of transpiration which make them particularly suitable for decorating surfaces of significant artistic and historical importance.

    • Sabulador
      This is a water-based paint for interiors, which features special luminescent sandy reflections. Because it is so easy to apply, SABULADOR can be used to create unique and elegant environments. SABULADOR is a high-quality product as it is breathable, washable and may also be painted over with any other water-based paint.

    • Valsetin
      VALSETIN customises rooms and gives them a distinctive look: every decorative effect comes to life in a spellbinding array of elegant colours. Precious silk effects and tasteful colours are harmoniously combined in VALSETIN, an elegant and stylish water-based paint for indoor application.

    • Valrenna
      This is a water-based paint for indoor use which is unusually soft to the touch, similar to buckskin. VALRENNA contains special resins and pigments which make it possible to achieve decorative effects similar to those offered by soft fabric, in extremely elegant colour shades.

    • Jungle
    • Klondike
    • Klondike Light
    • Meteore
    • Polistof
    • Rococo
    • Sabulador
    • Valsetin
    • Valrenna
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